Other organizations

The major independent stakeholders/organisations with a direct link to smart grids are the three Swedish standardisation organisations: ITS (Swedish IT Standardisation Organisation), SEK (Swedish Electricity Standardisation Organisation) and SIS (Swedish Standards Institute).

These three have been appointed by the Government to establish Swedish standards in their respective areas. All three are non-profit organisations with voluntary participation from Swedish agencies, businesses and organisations. The work is done in technical committees, split into different technical fields.

Swedish IT Standardisation Organisation (ITS)
ITS is responsible for standardisation in the field of telecommunications.

Swedish Electricity Standardisation Organisation (SEK)
SEK is responsible for standardisation in Sweden in the field of electricity. The organisation also co-ordinates Swedish participation in European and other international standardisation work.

Swedish Standards Institute (SIS)
SIS is a non-profit association that is in charge of and coordinates standardisation in Sweden.