Research organisations & institutes

Research organisations and institutes are suppliers of needs-led R&D. They build up skills and exchange knowledge with universities and university colleges and provide the business sector with the knowledge, products and services it needs. Research is conducted both in the form of cooperation projects between universities and the business sector and as commissioned consultancy assignments.

Elforsk coordinates needs-driven research and development across the electric power industry. It is organised as a limited company and owned by Swedish Energy and Svenska Kraftnät (Swedish National Grid). Proposals for R&D projects mostly come from enterprises that are members of Swedish Energy and therefore part-owners of Elforsk, although some come from external cooperation partners.

Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KIC)
The European Institute for Innovation and Technology (EIT) is an institute within the EU. It was formed to promote integration between research, education and innovation – what is known as the “Knowledge Triangle”. Sweden has been successful in this field and is involved in two of the first three selected KIC areas, both of them featuring projects focusing on smart grids.

KIC InnoEnergy
KIC InnoEnergy is divided into six thematic and geographical nodes, one of which is the Stockholm-Mälardalen region which has a thematic responsibility for Smart European Electricity Grid and ElectricStorage. The main stakeholders in the Swedish node are ABB, Vattenfall, KTH and Uppsala University. The Swedish InnoEnergy node is run as an enterprise, with the aforementioned stakeholders as owners. Its activities can be divided into innovation projects, education programmes and entrepreneurship.

The Smart Energy Systems innovation area concerns many aspects of the future smart electric grid. EIT ICT Labs aims to develop ICT solutions for both energy systems and the cities and transport systems of the future. Its activities focus on ICT as the most important enabler of smart energy systems and smart electric grid innovations. It covers user participation, business models and ICT-based technical infrastructure.

Research Institutes of Sweden AB – RISE
RISE is a network of 18 research and technology organisations, wholly or partly owned by the Swedish state The state support received by RISE mainly funds strategic expertise development via the institutes. The objective is to build up strategic expertise in the network and be an attractive cooperation partner for the Swedish business sector in research and innovation.

SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden
The business idea of the SP Group, with its staff of almost 1 300, is to create, use and provide world-class expertise for innovation and the creation of added value in the business sector and for a sustainable society. SP has expertise in several areas that are directly connected to smart electric grids such as various energy efficiency technologies, measurement techniques and energy system analysis.

Swedish ICT
Swedish ICT has four subsidiaries: Acreo, SICS, Interactive Institute and Viktoria. Swedish ICT gathers together the Swedish research institutes in the ICT field and produces, processes and disseminates research for more efficient and commercialised technology.

SICS Swedish ICT
SICS Swedish ICT is an independent research organisation with 90 qualified researchers within a broad spectrum of areas, e.g. future internet technologies, large-scale, network-based applications, optimisation technology and mobile services. The research is performed in close collaboration with industry and the international research community. SICS Swedish ICT also participates in the higher education of technicians and researchers in the field of data science by allowing doctoral students to do their PhD studies in house.

Interactive Institute Swedish ICT
The Interactive Institute Swedish ICT is an experimental IT research institute that challenges traditional perspectives and ways of thinking by combining art, design and new technology in research projects and strategic initiatives in cooperation with partners from academia and the business sector.

STRI is an independent technology consultancy with an accredited high tension laboratory located in Ludvika. STRI is involved in several R&D activities and standardisation projects related to smart grids, especially concerning high tension.